zibasazan milk bottle pack of 2


Open the refrigerator door and your eyes will fall on the soda and beer bottles that you use to store syrup and lemon juice. Is their appearance duplicated? Do you want to use a bottle to keep liquids in the refrigerator, choose it according to your taste and enjoy seeing it? Bottles with non-leaky lids should be used to store liquids. Even if you want to sleep on the floor instead of placing the bottles standing on the refrigerator door to make the most of the refrigerator capacity, you should have a bottle with a sturdy lid. Bottles of soda, buttermilk and beer have this property, but their problem is that they are unhealthy in the first place, and repetitive in the second place. Glass bottles with lids can be used to solve this problem. Of course, these bottles have another feature

Cambodian milk bottle